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What’s it really about?

Let’s cut to the chase…

What’s this Christmas stuff about?

It seems to me that it’s about how God came to take
on our human form to show us just how much God
loves us. That’s basically it. Well, maybe there’s a little
more, but that’s pretty much the core of it.

The Christmas message is pretty simple: In Jesus God
shows us just how much God loves us. When God
looked at us and realised how dark and difficult our lives could be, how confused we get, how many painful things we do to each other, God decided to do something about it. God got involved – personally and intimately involved with us.

I don’t believe in a god who is out to punish us or scold us or scare us into submission – none of those things that some people put onto God. Instead, God came to show us that we are loved, deeply, truly, and forever.

As I approach Christmas, travelling through the weeks of Advent and surviving the maddening crowds, I wonder how I might respond to this. Again, my response is pretty simple (but then, as you may have worked out, I’m a simple kind of bloke). And my answer? To give to God the gift of myself – the gift of
my love. I wonder what that might mean for you.

It would be good to worship with you this Advent and Christmas. See what’s on offer and come and delight in this love story.

Alister Hendery – your parish priest


Now that we are able to return to our normal service pattern, the video and service resources will cease.  We will continue to provide a copy of the sermon which you can also find on our website. Should the alert levels change in future, we will look to reinstate more online resources. We do hope that you have found them a useful opportunity to connect with God, Alister and your church family.  

We know many of you have shown good sense by staying away from services over the past months, and though the potential change of COVID-19 alert levels hangs in the air, we still ask you to continue exercising caution and not come to church gatherings if you are unwell.  We encourage you to seek medical advice if you have any symptoms, whether COVID related or not.