Messy Church Conference

I got a great piece of mail yesterday – a copy of the book ‘Messy Church does Science’ from Book Depository. The book is edited by Rev’d Dr David Gregory – a keynote speaker at the recent National Messy Church conference I attended.

I was looking forward to hearing him speak and I was not disappointed. ‘Dr Dave’ has a particular talent of breaking down seemingly impossible complex concepts into ‘kid speak’. From his Friday evening reflection and rocket launch demonstration to his keynote address, David spoke of his passion for the world we live in and the Creator he serves. As well as debunking the myth that God and Science cannot be in the same space, David encouraged us to open our eyes further to the miracle that is all around us.

His descriptions of weather, atmosphere and our universe were enlightening, as was the way he led us into a glimpse of refracted visible light using Diffraction sheets.

It takes a special skill to communicate so clearly and he encouraged all of us to do so within the Messy Church setting. It is an ideal format for allowing young and old to experience wonder and to look deeper into our complex world – together.

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