Faith in a Bubble!


This email comes from Diana, the hard worker and resource maker at Strands. This is a wonderfully rich resource centre supporting our Children and Families ministries in the church. I thought you might like to read her email.

Greetings from our bubble to yours!

If anyone had told me a few weeks ago that I’d be sending this from lockdown, self-solating myself in a ‘bubble’ with my 95-year old neighbour, and distancing myself from all my friends and family – I’m not sure I would have believed them! You may be tired, worn out, ‘over-zoomed’ and trying to juggle being a teacher/ parent/genius/ninja/human being. We get that. So we’re not expecting anyone to ‘recreate children’s ministry’ at home, and to have permission to soak up this new season and the peace that God offers us, today. The family household has always been the most amazing incubator of faith in the Bible, passing on God’s story to each generation anew. While this may be a challenging time, this may also have much fruit.

As we adjust to life in our new ‘bubbles’, we have highlighted a few ideas and thoughts below, and pray that they are helpful. May we all discover new treasures in this bubble life, and all that God has for us in it. These words from Bishop Eleanor, our Strandz Bishop, have given me deep peace this week:

Breathe deeply today the breath of God. 
Know God’s love for you. 
Know God’s love for the world. 
Be at peace.

Grace and peace to you all,

Bring God into the everyday

A few years ago, we did a video on Faith 5, a simple conversation starter over a meal time to talk about the highs and lows of the day. (Bonus: This doesn’t require any props, preparation or resources!)Share the highs and lows of your dayRead a verse from your Bible – you can choose one, use a lectionary or read through a favourite psalm.Talk about how your verse relates to your highs and lowsPray for your highs and lows, for your family and the worldBless one other .


Sunday worship
Our main platform for supporting the Sunday worship of families will be on Connectibleour Lectionary based website that has videos, sermons, simple crafts and prayer ideas. 

This Sunday is the story of Lazarus. If you have any ideas to share, please let us know – we’d LOVE some extra contributors.

Connecting a scattered church

The video above was filmed by the Anglican Diocese of Wellington, and models how you can run a house church service at home. Please note this was filmed before the lockdown was implemented, and before the distribution of the Eucharist was difficult. Please follow your diocesan guidelines for how to celebrate an Agape meal or non-eucharist gathering. 

**Maybe you could:

*****Joining in with a livestream church service on Sunday mornings

*****Sharing dinner with a family from church via Zoom, and going through Faith 5.

*****Going through a House Church Liturgy as a church, or with another family on Zoom.

*****Having a family worship jam with Worship for Everyone, a family of 5 who tell stories and sing worship songs once a a week during lockdown.

Helping kids process COVID-19

There internet and social media are full of resources to help kids process COVID-19, and the changes they are experiencing.
Here are some that we like:
Coronavirus, children, anxiety and the church (BuildingFaith)

Coronavirus resources for kids (Nanogirl)

Talking to kids about coronavirus (Ministry to Children)

A Q&A with Lucy Moore (Messy Church)

Youth ministry during a pandemic (Fuller)

Talking to children about COVID-19, and learning from home (Min. of Education)
Live-streaming worship across  New Zealand

There are many option for connecting into NZ worship, prayer and services. Here are some, and we’ll be adding to them on our website and Connectible as the days go by:

Auckland: Night prayer with Bishop Ross Bay, live-streamed to his Facebook at Facebook. You can find the liturgy for the service here.

Christchurch: Live-streams at 10am and 5.30pm, with many churches doing livestreams. Including. More information here

Wellington: 10am Sunday service on Freeview TV channel 200 and on

Waikato & Taranaki: Weds evening Bible reflection and Sunday evening Night prayer

Dunedin: All Saints and the Cathedral online services – see here If you know of any local family friendly church services being run, that may be accessible for all to enjoy, please let us know.

 Download and print out this Night Prayer found in 
A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa.

This would be great to put up by kids’ beds and read at bedtime, if they are having trouble going to sleep.Check out our Strandz website – we’re constantly updating it!

Strandz Enabler: Diana Langdon   
Strandz Administrator: Annelies Berends 

Copyright © 2020 Strandz, All rights reserved.

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