FRom Alister, your parish priest

Greetings all

As we learn to live with a new normal it’s the little things that strike me. Going out for a walk I notice people saying hi as they pass by – when previously we may have walked past each other without any recognition. People buying a few chocolates or special treats to give to the supermarket staff. Parishioners and neighbours making a phone call or sending an email to one another, just to check on how it’s going. It’s about how we
care for one another and retain a sense of community.


A number of you are using the resources we place on the Parish website.

These include a very simple form of worship. Thanks to Tim Anderson and his techie skills, these now include the option of a video of the reading and sermon. Because these are videos and not live broadcasts these resources can be accessed at any time. 


A number of parishioners have asked about financial giving during the lockdown. This is a question that’s been raised within all our parishes. Bishop Andrew has offered these comments, which I support.


If you currently give to your parish through automatic payment I would like to encourage you to continue that giving as best you can during these times. Thank you, I know how much your parish appreciate your continued support.


If you currently give through envelopes or cash I would like to invite you to consider two options.


Option A: Would you consider maintaining the practice of weekly giving by setting aside in cash or cheque an amount in your weekly envelopes at home so that once we can gather again for worship you would be able to share with your parish a collection of envelopes from the past weeks?


Option B: Would you consider taking the opportunity to shift your giving to a regular amount through Automatic Payment arranged with your bank? If you would like to know more about this option, your Parish Vicar or Wardens will be able to direct you to the necessary information.


Your ongoing financial support of the ministry of the Church is greatly valued during this time.


If you would like to change to online banking or automatic payment, please contact Tracey, our Parish Administrator 06 878 9476 or Sheryl 02111 90729 or 06 876 6442.  You will be given instructions and a new giving number. 


Please remember to Stay Home; Save Lives; Stay Safe and stay in touch with the regular COVID-19 updates from the Government.

Most importantly, remember that Easter lasts 50 days. So, you may keep eating Easter eggs for some time yet. I’m sure Easter eggs are essential provisions.

Christ is Risen!

He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!

May Christ who out of defeat brings new hope and new alternatives, bring you new life!

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