From the parish office…

We are pleased to announce that the Parish Office will again be open for callers from Wednesday to Friday 9.15am -12noon, beginning on Wednesday 27th May 9.15am.  

We ask that you do not come onsite between 10.30-11.00am to minimize contact with our school children. 

The church will not be open to anyone until further notice.  ANYONE requiring access to the church or hall MUST contact the Parish Office first.  We ask that keyholders not access the site themselves or enable access for others without prior agreement from Parish Office staff.

We are operating a one-in, one-out queue system for accessing the office.  Seating is provided both inside and outside the office for your comfort.  Please do not come to St Matthew’s if you are unwell or have any conditions which compromise your health.  

 All visitors to the hall and office are required to:

· Sanitize their hands on arrival

· Maintain at least 1 metre distance from those around you

· Give your contact details to the Parish Administrator

As always we can be contacted by email or telephone 06 878 9476.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated as we work to provide a safe environment for our whole community.

The Team at St Matthew’s

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