From Alister you Parish Priest

Level One 😀 This means that constraints on public gatherings have been removed. I’m mindful that these past two months has, for some, been a stressful time. The ‘normal’ we return to is a new normal. As we regather as a faith community, I want us to give ourselves the space and freedom to re-establish our communal life without a sense of pressure. Come back to public worship and community gatherings as you feel ready. It’s also vital to stay at home if you feel unwell or are at all sick.

This Sunday (14th June) there will be a Eucharist at 10am – with singing and without the constraints of physical distancing.

The Thursday 10.15am Eucharist will begin again on the 18th June.

The Sunday 8.00am Eucharist will restart on the 21st June.

Last week Marina Dinsdale died. Marina was a beloved parishioner who was very active within the life of our faith community and wider community. Her funeral took place at St Matthew’s last Saturday. Because of constraints on numbers attending funerals, I’m aware that people who want to give thanks for her live and ministry were unable to attend. I’m therefore holding a simple memorial service on Friday (12th June) at St Matthews at 2.00pm.

The Anglican Archbishops of Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia have called on us to offer specific prayer as we emerge from the lockdowns, alert levels, and government interventions across the nation.

Let us give thanks to God for those who have served and protected so selflessly and for those who have led our nations with kindness and compassion.

Many are suffering deep sadness and grief through the loss of loved ones during this time. Please pray that they may know God’s love surrounding and upholding then.

Many communities, families and individuals are living with deep anxiety as they look to a future without employment or certainty. Please pray for our communities to care and provide for each other, and for the courage to build new beginnings.

We are aware of the continuing spread and increase in Coronavirus infections and deaths across our world. Please pray for the peoples that are most vulnerable and most affected, and for those who continue to work tirelessly to treat the sick and stem the tide of infection. Please pray for those carers who themselves have become infected.

Finally, on a personal note – I’m pleased to advise that a book I’ve been working on has now been published. The Grief Walk: Losing, Grieving, and Journeying on to Something New is a practical book for people who are grieving, for people who want to support them as they undertake the painful journey of grief, and for anyone who wants to reflect on their own experiences of loss. It explores the many different losses we experience in life but which aren’t readily recognised a such. The Grief Walk is available, for a limited time only, at a special price of $20. It can be purchased from me or the parish office.

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