From Alister your Parish Priest

Greetings all

Life throws all sorts of unwelcome experiences at us over which we have no control. There is, however, one thing that’s in our power. Viktor Frankl, who survived the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp, named it ‘the last and greatest of freedoms’: to choose how we respond.

I keep that wisdom before me as we travel through the COVID experience. For example, I want to plan ahead, and I can’t, because we don’t know what each week will bring. What level will we be at? What will be able to do? We live with uncertainty. In the midst of all this I’ve learned to treasure each day … to live for the present moment … and to appreciate many things that previously I took for granted. I wonder, what have you learned to treasure and appreciate through this experience?

A few weeks ago, Rayna, who manages Waipau Kids
– the preschool at St Matthews, sent me this special
photo. Rayna writes, ’It was such a nice morning, we
put our paint easel outside in the sunshine to create
a new art experience for the children. As it was
being set up we discussed how it was such a nice day,
there were birds singing in the tree and our daffodils
are starting to flower. The children were encouraged
to look around to get inspiration for their
painting. The child in this photo was inspired by the
church that we have a great view of from our
playground. As she stood at the paint easel she
looked up at each stroke and studied the
architecture of the building before painting these
lines on her picture, she noted the windows and
counted the crosses that could be seen on top. Look
at how proud she is of her work and this community
she feels a sense of belonging to.’
Thank you to the child’s parents for giving me permission to share this gift with you.

I treasure the gift of our life together at St Matthew’s. On Sunday 20th September at 10.00am… we celebrate the Feast of St Matthew – our Patronal Festival. It’s a special day and even if we’re still under the limitations of Level Two, let’s celebrate the gift of our faith community. This year the guest preacher is the Diocesan Ministry Educator, The Reverend Deborah Broome.

At present we are gathering on Sundays at 10.00am and Thursdays at 10.15am. From September 27th I intend to re-start the Sunday 8.00am Eucharist (which is also the start of Daylight of Saving) as our 10.00am Eucharist is beginning to return to larger numbers.

Your in Christ
Alister Hendery

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