Ways of connecting with us this Sunday

With the current Covid19 level, there are a number of ways of connecting with us this Sunday.

At Church:

We have worship happening at these times:

St Matthew’s at 9am. and St Peter’s at 10am

Remember there are a few things to think about as listed here.

Attendance at each venue is restricted to no more than 50 people. Compliance with tracking and tracing guidelines will be followed.

Mask Wearing
On arrival, everyone should be wearing a mask unless they are medically exempt from doing so. A supply of disposable masks is available at each site, if needed.

Social Distancing
A minimum of at least 2 metres distance between people must be maintained at all times, this includes whilst queuing to enter or leave the building.

Entrance Controls
Entry to the building should be controlled in such a way so that each person has the opportunity to scan the COVID-19 Track & Trace posters placed in prominent places around each site, this can be achieved by allowing one or two persons to enter at a time, maintaining distance.

Attendees should then be directed to an area where their names are checked off on a copy of the parish roll by a Welcomer, to record their attendance. There will be additional space at the bottom of each site’s roll to add names that do not already appear. Please note recording names in this way still applies whether people have scanned in or not.


Anglicans  Worshipping  Together – recorded from St Matthew’s at 9am

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  But this old dog is going to try.

As we return to Morning Worship in our churches, we will offer an online alternative for those who are not yet able to get out and about.  In addition to what your Parish is doing for worship, you are invited to join with the Archdeaconry of Hawke’s Bay Cities as we offer online worship on Sunday morning at 10am.

So, this old dog will record our 9am Morning Worship and have it uploaded and scheduled for you to watch after 10am.

The link to our Archdeaconry YouTube page is:-


Please pass this information on to anyone you think may wish to join in.

Morning Prayer for you to follow at home – ready to follow now.

Here is the link to the Morning Prayer service for you to follow at home. It has all the links for the hymns and sermon already included.


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