The Major Projects Update

There are several major projects which are and will continue to be part of our lives and my role as Parish Priest in Greater Hastings for 5 years. Obviously some of these will be completed much sooner, but others are on a completion schedule of 2027!

St Matthew’s Hall Revisioning Project.

Our needs clearly indicate that the current Hall will be demolished and may be replaced by 2 or 3 buildings that are fit for purpose.

St Matthew’s Church Earthquake Strengthening.

Mid-February all disciplines involved in the Church project were onsite costing up this significant project. The solution is more simple than first thought, hopefully this bodes well for price.

St Matthew’s Whenua Tapu.

Despite Covid-19 delays we are very hopeful to see this project come to fruition over 2022.

St Peter’s Church Bathrooms.

This has been done and is just going through a final phase of ensuring that everything is complete before signoff. These bathrooms will make a significant difference to the usability of St Peter’s.

St Peter’s Vicarage.

The Vicarage is predominantly original and needs substantial modernisation work, this is important if we wish it to be considered in future years as suitable housing for a Priest Associate. This provides us
with some complex challenges to work through as a Vestry in 2022.

Website Design & Signage.

A Working Group is making great progress on this. The Website is our 24/7 shop window or salesperson who never sleeps. The Website will inform people what is happening and for potential funders to get clarity on who we are. As part of this we will explore new Signage, and I am hopeful this is easier than first thought.


This is a significant piece of ongoing work. We will be working with Jenni Giblin Funding HQ. If you, or anyone you know, has a passion for raising funds, is not afraid to engage in the task, and will follow through – please let Peter Drew or I know now. (Scale is important: $6 million over 5 years.)

We need your help with?

Fundraising. Communication. Information & Communications Technology.
There are some gaps in our skill base, so if you or someone you know has some expertise in these areas then we would be very interested to talk.

Other Projects?

Over the next few years there will be other projects which we will require your assistance with. But for now much is dictated by Earthquake mitigation and deferred maintenance.

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