The Parish Support Hub

The Parish Office is now The Parish Support Hub
Due to the COVID-19 Protection Framework and ‘My Vaccine Pass’ requirements, the Parish Administrator role is now a ‘Work-From-Home’ position.

Tracey’s working pattern will be Tuesday to Thursday, so please try to direct your enquiries to her on Tuesday and Wednesday. The answerphone will continue to be responded too, emails will be answered, and there will be little noticeable difference.

If you do notice something starting to fall through the cracks, something you would expect to have happened, please let Ven. David van Oeveren know, and he will add it to his ‘Opportunities To Be Addressed’ list.

With the Parish Administrator position being a Work-From-Home role, The Parish Office has become the Parish Support Hub for the ministry team, especially the Priest-in-Charge / Vicar, Priest Associate, Clergy, Wardens and Vestry.

The key question we are seeking to address is what is going to suit the purpose of the Parish going into the future? So far we are looking at Fundraising; Communication; Information and Communications Technology.

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